Modern Theatre in Context: Credits

In collaboration with the Canadian Theatre Record produced by the Toronto Public Library

Main US/UK monthly Chronology text by Charles Carpenter, with entries on Irish women dramatists by Lisa Fitzpatrick, and added text by Christopher Innes.

Main Canadian yearly Chronology text by Christopher Innes, with entries on Québec by Dan Goldberg, nineteenth century entries by Richard Plant, and added text by Ric Knowles, Len Conolly and Dan Rubin.

Supplementary material by Silvija Jestrovic, Stewart Macdonald and Jennifer Taiariol. News entries by Stewart Macdonald. (For page-specific author credits, use your browser’s print preview to view chronology and supplementary information entries.)

Pictures courtesy of Harry Ransom Center, the Mander & Mitchenson Collection, Toronto Reference Library, The Theatre Museum Canada and The Theatre Museum (UK). (For image credits, hover mouse over image and view caption.)

In the case of other visual material, every effort has been undertaken to discover the copyright-holders, who are urged to contact Christopher Innes directly.

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