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Welcome to the new

For over ten years, has been a dependable and useful resource for researching and learning about modern drama, theatre and performing arts, and the carnival arts. Over the years we have developed numerous widely used tools:

  • Modern Theatre in Context – A Multimedia Chronology of Modern Drama in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland
  • A digital multimedia archive comprised of thousands of video, audio, and textual resources related to street theatre, the carnival arts, masks, and other subjects related to the study of performance and culture
  • A hyper-linked glossary of theatre terms

Due to problems related to aging server infrastructure, became unavailable to the public and has remained so for longer than anticipated. The need to upgrade our server infrastructure has meant that all of the various tools we have developed over the years are also in need of significant upgrading and recoding in order to function on the new server. This process has taken a considerable amount of time, however we will soon be relaunching the first of these upgraded resources.

We thank you for your patience during this process and hope that visitors will be able to once again rely on as an important resource for the study of modern drama, theatre arts, carnival arts and performance and culture.